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In the past periods, people used infrared and Bluetooth for wireless file transfer. So those days Android was not much popular with the people. But after Android came to the fore, WiFi file transferring methods was more popular than infrared and Bluetooth. Actually, infrared is a discontinued method of file transferring now. But the Bluetooth is still on the play.

To transfer files with WiFi we need a WiFi file transferring app for that purpose. Otherwise, we can’t share files between devices. Xender is one of those types of file-sharing app and it is the best app for that. There are 2 types of xender versions. So they are xender for android version apk and xender for windows version

Xender Apk 2022

support many languages

Features of Xender

Xender comes with various features rather than just file-sharing. In this section, we have given the various interesting features that Xender provides to its users.

  • User-Friendly Interface:-Xender is an application which can be used by any user whether the user has a tech-based knowledge or not that doesn’t matter any kind of user can use the Xender app. Xender provides a very user-friendly environment. A lot of functions can be performed like Updation, Deletion, installation, uninstallation and even opening the files and viewing the files in the platform also.
  • Connection with Multiple Devices: allows a user to get connected with four devices at a time and this is the most amazing feature of Xender that any other app doesn’t offer. This is one of the most important features that Xender offers as a user is able to share files with four devices at a time.
  • No Restriction on Transfer:-As a matter of fact, there are not any restrictions on file type or file size. Along these lines, you have the potential for exchanging any size of the file without any issue with this. In any case, keep in your mind that, the devices of both the users must be placed closely as the transfer of files is being done through the Wi-Fi technology. So, the closest the devices are placed fastest the outcome is.
  • Security & Privacy:-The Files or any documents that have been shared are in encrypted format so that the content of the document is only visible to the Users on both ends. No one can see or access the documents or files in between. Privacy and safety of the file or document is the top priority of Xender so that the file can be safe and secure by the end to end encryption.
  • Light Weight Application:-Despite being such a useful app with so many features. the size of the app very less. Because of the size, the app does not consume much space or memory in the device.

Compare Between Xender vs Shareit

Xender and Shareit are both file transfer applications, but there is more to the fact that these apps are not just file sharing apps there is more to this. In this section, we will tell you the same that what makes these apps different in terms of sharing.

Xender vs Shareit
Xender vs Shareit

File Transfer Speed

Xender and Shareit are both used because of their high-speed transfers of the file. In this case, Shareit claims that the maximum speed on which Shareit can transfer the files is 20 MB/S. And on the other hand, Xender claims that the maximum speed at which Xender transfers files is 40 MB/S.

Xender vs Shareit File Transfer Speed

Folder Transfer

This is the only feature where Shareit has an upper hand as Shareit comes with a handy feature where a user can transfer folders where your files have been saved. But this is not the case with Xender as in Xender you can only share the particular files or multiple files but the folders can’t be shared in Xender.

Types of Files Supported

Xender and Shareit majorly supports same types of files transfer like videos, pictures, and music, app, and document files. But Xender being on the upper hand also supports the file types like .apk, .epub, .txt, .ebk, etc. And these are the file types that Shareit doesn’t support.

Hide Files

Shareit comes with an extra feature where you can hide your files. So that the apps won’t appear on the main page or the homepage. On the other hand, Shareit does not have any feature of this kind.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use Xender has an interface that is very simple and attractive that makes Xender a very user-friendly application. Where on the other hand Shareit has a very messy interface which is filled with ads.

Xender File Transfer Guide

If you want to know the process to transfer files through Xender then carefully read this section. Before starting the process make sure that your device has Personal Hotspot Feature.

File Transfer – Android to Android

  1. Press the “+” button on any of the devices and click the “Create Group” option.
  2. After the device has successfully created the group
  3. On the other device, press the “+” button, and select “Join Group”.
  4. Now, find your friend’s device and click on it.
  5. Both the devices should be automatically connected.
  6. Now, you can begin to transfer files.

File Transfer – Android to Windows Phone

  1. On Android device press “+” button and select “Connect WP” option.
  2. After that on Windows Phone go to Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Then connect to the Wi-Fi created by the Android device.
  4. Now, visit back to Xender on Windows Phone and select “Connect Friend”.
  5. You should be automatically connected.
  6. Now, you can begin to transfer files.

File Transfer – Android to an iOS device

  1. On Android device press “+” button and select “Connect iPhone” option.
  2. After that on iOS device go to Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Then connect to the Wi-Fi created by the Android device.
  4. Now, visit back to Xender on iOS device and select “Connect Friend”.
  5. You should be automatically connected.
  6. Now, you can begin to transfer files.

How to install Xender?

Installing Xender is not a very difficult task if you want to install Xender for Android or iOS then in this section, you will find steps and guidelines which will help you to install Xender for your device.

Xender for Android

In order to install the Xender application for Android you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, open the Google Play Store on your Android Phone.
  • Then search for this application.
  • Now, you will see a green Install button, click that button.
  • And the installation will start on its own.
  • After the completion of installation, the app will be ready to be used.

Xender for PC is basically an android application used for sharing files on PC by using android emulators or any other methods. Before the use of this application file was sent by PC using the wired connection or through Bluetooth to other devices.

Xender for Pc 

The application of Xender uses Wi-Fi signal for transferring files. Previously Bluetooth method was quite slow in transferring large files. And wired connection required external devices. Now with the help of the application Xender file transferring is pretty simple and fast. For the file transferring function, the Xender application is considered to be the best and most trusted of all applications.

Xender For Windows:

This application is basically made for smartphones and tablets but with the use of emulators present over the internet it can be easily used on PC. In this article, we will find out the way to install Xender on windows PC.

The steps of downloading and installing Xender application on your PC will be mention in this article below. With the help of the steps Xender can be install in windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and also xp. But before going to the downloading steps of this application, let us see what the requirements for downloading this app are.

Xender for Pc

Xender App Requirements for Pc, iPhone and Windows:

The basic requirements for installing the Xender app on your PC are as follows:

  • For downloading and installing the Xender app on your PC, it should have at least 4GB of RAM. It’s not a tough requirement as nowadays all PC windows are of 4GB RAM.
  • A graphics or video card of 1GB is require for the proper functioning of the Xender app in future on your PC windows.
  • For the comfortable and free running of Xender application on your system, local c drive of the system should have at least 5GB of free space.
  • The laptop should have wifi device which is the core principle for transferring the files through Xender.
  • So these are the basic requirement of the Xender app for the proper running of the application.

Download Xender App for Windows:

For downloading and installing the Xender app on your windows PC an android emulator is require. There are many android emulators present in the market. We would discuss the download and installation of Xender app on PC with Bluestacks emulator. To download and install Xender app with the help of Bluestacks emulator follow these steps:

  • Download the apk file of the Xender application and right click and open it using the Bluestacks emulator. But first, you have to go to bluestacks website for downloading the Bluestacks application.
  • After installing the Bluestacks app open the apk file using that app and the installation process for Xender application will begin.
  • After the successful installation of Xender App, an icon will be seen on the screen of bluestacks. Open the application and enjoy the fast sharing of large files through your PC.

Send Files Via Xender Web

The easiest method to use Xender application on windows PC is by using web Xender. For this method there no need of using any android emulators. This is particularly a browser based application and by this method, you can connect your smartphone to laptop or desktop for transferring files from one device to another. This is pretty compact in comparison with the apk file of the Xender for Pc application.


Q. How can I set the file destination in Xender?

A. Xender provides two options to where the files can be stored. Phone Storage (Internal) or SD Card Storage if it’s available on your device. You can access these options through Settings > Storage Location > Phone/SD Card.   

Q. Can I specify where the files should be stored in Xender?

  • Move Xender to SD Card
  •  This feature only works with the help of an SD card.
  •  Go to Settings, Manage Apps and choose Xender.
  •   You can move Xender to SD Card or from SD Card to your Internal Memory.

Q. Do we need to use Mobile Data to transfer files/Apps?

Xender makes use of your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature for file transfer and will definitely not use your mobile data.


In the above article, we have tried to provide you with each and every bit of information about Xender. We hope that you were able to find the information that you needed to grasp. If you have any issues, queries or suggestions related to Xender or even this article then please let us know in the comment section below.

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