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App NameDr. Driving
PublisherSUD Inc.
Latest Version1.65
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateNovember 22, 2021 (1 year ago)

Dr. Driving is a popular driving game that has gone viral all over the world. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when playing this game. This game will not be a difficulty for you if you are a real rider with real-life experience. On the other hand, if you’re a youngster who has never driven before, this game might give you a completely new perspective on driving in the city. It also lacks the racing missions seen in other automobile simulators. Instead, it tests your ability to drive safely, find parking, and navigate traffic.

Features of Dr. Driving APK

Enjoy Real driving experience

Dr. Driving is a fantastic way to learn how to drive because it combines the fun aspects of arcade racing games with an educational incentive, encouraging players not just for fast forward-through missions but careful drivers inside them too!

Drifting around in your car might seem kind of daunting at first but after playing Drdriving’s “parking lot” or navigating traffic zones without crashing you’ll feel like a pro within minutes. All while earning points based on accurate navigation skills. What better punishment than learning from mistakes.

Dr. Driving


colliding with another player will result in the game being over. You may earn free gold by completing objectives before your opponent in this battle versus friends game. There is also a conventional online match and a channel game mode in addition to that mode. To begin the game, you will need the channel number. Players who engage in this game will develop into excellent racers who are also artists.

Complete driving missions

Dr. Driving is a game that teaches players how to drive by guiding them through tasks. Some examples are navigating your way out of a multi-level parking garage or driving through traffic on a tight schedule. Other times, you’ll be responsible for getting to other locations with little gasoline. All missions, however, stress the significance of driving cautiously, according to traffic laws and avoiding collisions. The traffic cops are stationed throughout the game, ready to issue penalties. Furthermore, colliding with another player will finish the game.

Dr. Driving

Collect coins

Money will be given to you depending on how well you perform during the quest. You may then spend the money you earn on new automobiles, engine components, and repairs while completing your challenges. Your initial automobile, as in previous automotive games, will be a junker. However, as you progress, you will be able to choose from a vast range of vehicles.

Play without internet connection

Dr Driving is a game that you may play on your computer. You may complete several tasks and earn prizes in the game without logging in or connecting to the internet. Its online multiplayer function, on the other hand, allows you to compete against other gamers. You may even compare your results to those of others by sharing your statistics online. You must, however, sign in using Facebook and Google for this.

Easy controls

You can operate your automobile by tilting your phone left and right while tapping the on-screen start and stop buttons, like in other mobile driving games. The controls for the game are on a handmade dashboard, which may be a bit distracting. It also allows you to see the road clearly as if you were driving in real life. As you travel farther down the road, directions will display on the screen for you to follow.

Dr. Driving

Compete with friends

In addition, players can compete with their friends in a non-traditional way by linking the game to social media profiles. The more popular your account on Facebook or Twitter is for sharing content related to video games and competition between users based off that profile will increase as well.

Customize your gameplay

Drive anywhere in the world with Dr driving apk.You may buy or hire one of more than 20 different vehicles to do whatever work you need, and if that’s not enough there are also many game modes for drivers who want an even greater challenge! You can test your skills by going through races against other players online using Google Play Games leaderboards too plus watch yourself on our YouTube channel so see how close YOU came compared side-by-side footage from professional speed cameras all around America

Visuals and graphics

Dr Driving is intended to be used in conjunction with actual driving. It gives users a genuine experience by assisting them in navigating traffic and arriving at their destination. Its visuals aren’t the finest and aren’t really unique. It is, however, an addictive game that makes driving fun.

Background music

Aside from that, there are no sound effects. Yes, there is music playing in the background as you drive. However, unlike previous games, there isn’t much in the way of car noises. Fortunately, the controls and menus are simple to use and respond quickly.

Compatible to all device

Dr driving can be easily played on all types of devices. No matter if it is high end or low end. Also, it is available both for android and iphone. It also works on ram less than 2 gb. So what are you waiting for, just go and download dr driving right now.

Is Dr driving the best car game?

There are a number of mobile automobile simulators available, and there are undoubtedly more polished choices for gamers. Dr Driving, on the other hand, is still capable of competing with them. It comes with a variety of challenges that you may complete. It also has enough competition to get your adrenaline pumping. It might not appeal to those who aren’t already fans of driving games. Nonetheless, if you enjoy driving a virtual car, this game is for you.


Dr. Driving will let you realize that enthusiasm through the little screen with 3D simulations of the courses will be the true choice if you want to push yourself through screen driving but do not want to experience it in real life. Players will compete in classic vehicle racing against incredibly famous opponents in this game.

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