The Best 5 Free Voice Recorder Apps For Android

When we talk about the voice recorder, one thing that comes to mind is the default voice recorder.

Although the voice recorder provided by Android does not have so many features, it indeed works well. But if you want something unique, we have the 5 best voice recorder apps for Android.

Best 5 Free Voice Recorder Apps For Android

Best Voice Recorders-

Background Voice Recorder- 

Remember the thriller movies where the detective presents a voice recording of the culprit out of nowhere? You can do the same by just using your mobile. And for that, you can use Background Voice Recorder. The recorder works in silence in the background so that you can record anything and everything without quitting your current app. 

Features of the app-

  • Easy Starts and Off- The app can be started by pressing Volume Key three times together.
  • High-Quality Recording- Though the app works in the background, it can record anything, including a mild word around it.
  • Save Files on Google Drive- Apart from using your phone’s storage area, you can also save files on Google Drive.
  • Timer- The best feature of the recorder is that it has a timer that will let you automatically set the device to record voice at a particular time.
  • Cutter & Trimmer- The app comes with an in-built cutter and trimmer tools, allowing you to edit your recordings.
  • Settings- Apart from all the features, it has several valuable things in the setting option, which will customize your app.


Do not go with the name. The app has some fantastic features that you can use to record your audio and use that audio on your videos. That means it is an all-in-one solution for a person who frequently registers audio and edits. The app is compatible with a mic, speaker, Bluetooth mic, and Android wear.


  • Waveform- The app will allow you to view and control playback with the entire waveform.
  • HD Records- The recorder comes with a display we discussed in the above feature. Apart from watching your recordings in the form of waves, you can check the quality of the recordings in the identical waveform.
  • Customization- The app provides several setting options that you will be able to use to customize your app.
  • Phone Calls Recorder- Along with recording voice, the app can also record phone calls. You have to set it according, and it will start recording automatically.
  • Timer- The app also has an in-built timer, which means the app will start recording at the pre-scheduled time.
  • Cloud Facilities- The apps will not only allow you to store the files on your device, but they will allow you to save them on Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Customization- Along with other features, the app allows you to customize the theme according to your choice.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder- 

Suppose you are not satisfied with the abovementioned apps and are looking for an app that will allow you to record everything you want in different formats. The app supports four other formats (WMA, WAV, OGG, MP3). Again, the app will allow you to share your recordings on different platforms, including WhatsApp.


  • Easy-to-use interface- The app is so smooth that you can start and stop with a simple touch.
  • Auto Savings- The app to save your recordings automatically upload them on Dropbox.
  • Notification Draw- The app always provides a pop-up on the notification bar so you can start recording instantly without opening the app.
  • Audio Quality- Apart from the format, the app also allows you to choose the quality. That means you can adjust the size of your recording by controlling the quality.
  • Home Screen Widgets- The app also offers a widget and notification. That means you can start recording with a single swipe.
  • Timer- The app has a timer that will allow you to pre-schedule your recording.

ASR Voice Recorder- 

The app provides almost all the features, including different formats you can choose. Along with the trimer and cutter, you can also monetize and customize the speed of your recordings.


  • Easy to Use- The app is straightforward to use. It comes with a big red button that will allow you to start and stop quickly.
  • Format and Quality Selection- The app offers several formats you can choose according to your preference. You can also select the quality of the recording.
  • Supports Other Devices- The app supports all most all devices like mics, Bluetooth mics, speakers, and Android watches.
  • Control Recordings- The app will allow you to customize your recordings according to your choice.

Easy Voice Recorder- 

The app is the most top-rated among all the free apps. Uses are simple on these apps. Again, the app supports multiple formats and qualities. There is nothing more to describe because the app provides the most transparent services.


  • HQ Sound- No matter what format you use or your quality, the app will provide you with the best quality because it can catch the mildest sound.
  • In-built Player- The built-in audio player will allow you to listen to the recording as soon as you finish.
  • Share & Organize- The app will allow you to share your recordings on other platforms and organize your file according to date, time and number.
  • Widget- The app provides a widget so that you can start recording without opening the app.
  • Optimizer- The app provides an optimizer that will allow you to optimize your recordings properly.

Final Words-

Now, these are probably not the best recording apps for everyone, but the apps are indeed unique and quite different from each other. But this is not why I included these apps in our 5 best voice recorder apps for Android but because these apps provide all the including features for free. However, that does not mean they are not incredible.

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