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DU Recorder - Screen Recorder
App NameDU Recorder - Screen Recorder
PublisherInShot Inc.
Latest Version2.4.4
Category Video Players & Editors
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateAugust 22, 2022 (5 months ago)

DU screen recorder is a Popular screen recorder app for android phones. It likewise works as a live video streaming app for mobile video games. The app is cost-free to download and install with no in-app purchases. If you additionally want to make video through a display recorder of any type of option on your mobile, this app can be great for you,

It has a lot of features like- screen video clip recording and screenshot catching also. You can also stream the mobile displays in full HD resolution by this application, as well as also, there isn’t any type of restriction for screenshots.

DU Recorder MOD

What are some great features of the Du Screen Recorder?

New floating window

DU recorder offers a floating widget that allows you quickly stop briefly and continue your mobile screen recording sessions. Utilizing the floating home window, you will certainly be able to take screenshots with just one click. , DU Recorder offers in-app photo editing and enhancing tools to edit the snapshots even further. DU Recorder gives totally free as well as high-resolution recording experience resulting in detailed videos for the viewer.

New floating window

High quality streaming

It is the suggested setting for devices with excellent specs. The app records video clips in the greatest resolution offering crisp video clips with full information and also great audio quality. This type of high quality is generally made use of when online streaming games on the web. DU Recorder lets you broadcast on live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and also Facebook.

Different modes

Facecam recording feature

By utilizing this software application, you can allow a front camera, and also pause and resume display recording as per your dream. Besides, you can manage your display videotaping with the help of the alert bar and also hide the floating home window to get a frameless video. Customers can videotape their displays as GIFs or online stream their displays to YouTube and Facebook.

Facecam recording feature

Pc compatible

Although, the latest DU Recorder Application is only for Android. You can also install this application on a PC. In the beginning, it was impossible because you can use this application on your desktop now with the help of the Android Emulators, you can definitely use DU Recorder on your Computer.

No root required

You do not need to root your mobile devices to use this app because du recorder supports all the versions of androids and ios. If you have android devices of lower version do not worry we have used this in android 6, and it works perfectly well. No additional activation process is required after downloading it.

Create gaming videos

Do you use a live streaming platform like Instagram as well as Facebook also youtube? in which you intend to utilize computer games, like you intend to come and starts streaming video games, after that via du recorder you can perform top quality live streaming of the through settings

HD Recording quality

The App setting tab contains numerous functions that include video clip top quality modification options like the variety of structures the video clip plays per second, which depends on 60FPS, the video clip results which can be as high as 1080p and also the video clip’s top quality, anywhere between 4-12 Mbps.

User guide for Du recorder

To screen record, all you require to do is just click on the video recorder symbol and press the record mic button that shows up. The app will count down from 3 and also start videotaping whatever appears on-screen. To quit recording, simply click on the record switch again as well as press either the quit or time out switch.

Multiple camera options

The video camera switches on your selfie cam, the brush transforms your display right into a canvas, as well as the GIF recorder makes clips in low noise and high quality. The video editor allows individuals to cut, remove the centre, add music, transform the video clip into a GIF, add subtitles, include a background picture, plant the video clip and turn.

No time limit for recording

There are no time limitations as users determine the length of time they want to record. This is one reason individuals are engaged in it.

Easy share options

You can select to personalize your video clips as you want and after the editing process is completed, you can save them to your device memory. There is similarly a ‘share’ alternative where customers can get to share their video clips straight over social media networks.

Device requirement

Du recorder can be used on any smartphone device including Ipads, iPhones and androids. Also, you can use this on your pc and desktop no matter which operating system you are using.

Download and install DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a freeware application. So users can easily download it from the internet. The process is completely free and uses a reliable web source here to download the DU Recorder apk file. For the overall process, here it takes a few seconds and after downloading the application you can easily install it to your smart android device. Here you can follow the below-listed instructions. So go through them.

  • First, you have to download the DU Recorder app file directly from the internet
  • Then go to device settings. Now you have to enable unknown sources. Otherwise, you cannot continue the process. So enabling unknown sources means an essential step. So here.
  • Go to settings > Security settings > Enable unknown sources.
  • After the above process, you have to close all the open windows. Then go to the device download folder.
  • Now you have to open the downloaded DU Recorder app file. Tap on it and begin the installation process. Now users have to agree with the terms and conditions provided by the application. Tap on Agree to continue the process. To run the application it takes several seconds and finally, the overall process is completed.
  • Finally, it’s all done.

The download and install process successfully completed. So now you can enjoy it very well by recording everything that appears on your device screen and then you can easily make several videos. So try this amazing opportunity. It is completely free!

DU Recorder for PC

DU Recorder is one of the most recommended ways to record your device screen and it records everything that appears on your device screen. Now the PC version for YouTube live recording is available and it means using an emulator you can easily download DU Recorder for PC. 

DU Recorder enables thousand of possibilities and it supports users for virtual recordings. DU Recorder is a combination of a recording tool and an editing tool. So after record videos, you can edit them using the provided facilities, and then it allows you to share them on social media. 

Reasons to Download DU Recorder for PC

There are plenty of reasons to download DU Recorder for your PC. Likewise the application for the mobile device, there you can have thousands of benefits while using DU Recorder for PC. This is the best way for video recordings, editing videos, live streaming, and screen capturing as well. Here it supports recording videos in HD quality with multiple resolutions, bit rates, and frame rates. It supports you to record Facebook live, Videos, YouTube live recordings, live chat, live conferences, and many more. So now you can record any video on any screen with the audio sounds. 

Not only for video editing, here you can edit those recorded videos as well. You can apply, merge, trim, and crop facilities. Without rooting your device now you can install the application and the best thing is this is completely free.

Download DU Recorder for PC – Follow the Guidance

For your smart Android devices, users have the freedom to directly download the DU Recorder apk file from the internet. The process is simple and just download and install the application. But the process for download DU Recorder for PC is quite different. It does not support direct download such as mobile devices and here you have to use a mobile emulator. 

For the download process, here you can use BlueStacks. So users have to download it in the very beginning. Now you can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the latest update of DU Recorder for your PC device.  

  • Step 01. As the first step here you have to download a suitable mobile emulator. Use Bluestacks. 
  • Step 02. Then open Bluestacks application. Here you have to tap on the Bluestacks icon. 
  • Step 03. Now you have to log in to the Google account that is connected with the Bluestacks.  
  • Step 04. If you are successfully login then go to the play store. 
  • Step 05. Now you have to tap on the search button and search DU Recorder. 
  • Step 06. Then tap on DU Recorder to install. Here you have followed the step by step guidance to complete the installation. 

Finally, you have done the process successfully. So enjoy it!  

Frequently Asked Questions on Du recorder

Q1. What is a DU recorder?

Answer: This is a kind of screen recording app that allows android users to record everything that appears on your handset screen. Not only for screen recording, but DU recorders also give the freedom for their users to edit all the record videos and make them more attractive by adding music, subtitles, chrome or trim video, and many other modifications.

Q2. Is my Du recorder application safe to use?

Answer: The answer is yes. DU recorder is completely safe and reliable. So android users can safely download it, install it and use it without any messing. But here while using the application do not use personal information. However it is, DU recorder is a completely safe application as many of big Youtubers even use this application for screen recordings using their smart mobile phone.

Q3. How do I use this Du recorder application?

Answer: Basically, we use a DU recorder for screen recording purposes. To begin the recordings first you have to open the application. For that tap on the DU recorder icon. Then press the record buttons to appear. Now it will begin the countdown process from three to one. Now the process begins. Here it records everything that appears on the device screen. So anyone can easily begin the recording and to stop it you have to click on the record button again. Then press it until stop or pause. Then you can edit those record screen videos and save them in your device storage.

Q4. What is the possibility of recording video calls from a DU recorder?

Answer: Here users have the freedom to record everything on your device screen. Here DU Recorder provides the compatibility to record stable and fluid recording. So you can easily record games, video calls, video conferences, and other popular live videos. So if you are looking for the best screen recording app then try DU recorder it is the best solution for screen recording.

Q5. Can a DU recorder be used to record internal audio?

Answer: Normally when taking it technically, a screen recording application cannot be used to record several types of internal audio and it is asking for root the operating system. But DU recorder is very well supported for recording internal videos Using mic and even it is not asking to root the operating system.

Q6. Is that DU recorder included in Google Play Store?

Answer: No. DU recorder not included in the Google play store. But users have the freedom to directly download the apk file from the internet.

Q7. Why was Du recorder removed from the Play Store?

Answer: Basically Google removes third-party apps from its apps store because they were violating instructions of the Google Play Store. According to those regulations, the DU recorder was also removed from the Play Store.

Q8. What is the procedure of the Du recorder?

Answer: DU recorder is the best way to record the device screen. Here it has the ability to record all the things in super quality, clear and very smoothly. Rather than other security apps, here DU recorder includes multiple features to increase the application performance and the facilities of screen recording.

Q9. What are the main categories included in the DU recorder application?

Answer: DU recorder application includes a video recorder, video editing tool, And screen capture tool.

Q10. For what purposes we can use a DU Recorder?

Answer: Basically DU recorder is used for Screen Recording. So here you can use it for recording all the things that happen in your device screen and it includes game records, live shows, video conferences, video calls, and shortly everything.


DU recorder is a full flash screen recorder application for android devices. It furthermore completes as a video supervisor and also an online web-based application for flexible video games. The application is permitted to download with no in app purchases. DU recorder provides a drifting tool that allows you successfully to delay as well as wage your functional display recording conferences. Making use of the coasting window, you will want to take display captures with a single click.

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